Stop Fees

We are throwing our faculties and careers, our libraries, we are stealing education. We are evicted from the classroom.

Neoliberal adjustment policies that are shaking the entire citizenry by cutting public services and social rights have had their greatest example in college in the brutal rise in enrollment rates that often exceeded 70% over the original prices. Budget cuts mean that fewer than 23% of students receive scholarship to college.

The everyday reality in our centers of studies is that of thousands of colleagues who are forced to leave school because they can not pay his tuition, because they close their power, because they take away the grant, because they miss the deadline for payment or they are not fractionated and evicted them from the classroom.

Maintaining the number of students occurs at the expense of reducing the number of registered credits, the brutal decline in enrollment in masters, to reduce staff and their working conditions, mortgaging to study, and to suffer the current policy of cuts They are creating a growing, exacerbated by poverty and insecurity among the population and in particular youth situation.

We are not willing to maintain a normal situation in universities imposed at the expense of the expulsion of thousands of young people of university education.

Currently the youth unemployment rate hovers around 57%. Temporality rates reflected this stark reality: 80% of temporary contracts are aged 16-19, 60% 19-24 years, and 40% of temporary contracts for young people between 25-29 years. 91% of the jobs lost in the last four years is under 35 years

The emigration rate has increased from 1% in 2010 to more than double in 2012, the reality could now approach the 4 or 5%. For the first time in 10 years, the migration balance has been negative.

Youth emancipation today is a utopia. The problem of access to housing for young people is something structural and becomes stronger with the arrival of the economic crisis. Not so much the problem of evictions. We have never had a home.

The PAT initiative is the sum of the forces of anger and rage, but also of hope for all those people who steal from us the right to a free and quality education.

The PAT is also a cry the whole society and especially youth to claim everything is ours and we are stealing. They are snatching life and not allow it.

Therefore, we appeal to all the youth and education community to revolt against these policies and robbery against our education. We call on the student organization, mobilization and direct action as measures of effective pressure for the whole of society is aware that the plundering of education is the plundering of the rights of all and take sides in defending is.

We appeal to all people who are directly or indirectly affected by the rates and believe in the right to education: we must denounce this situation and encourage self-organization in universities and educational and social mobilization to curb the theft of the future of our University and our education.

This is a fight of all and for all!