MEC Grants

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Hit back again with scholarships, in this case the general grants from the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). According to the resolution call for grants approved in August, the salary and residence scholarships consist of a fixed part of € 1,500 and a variable which varies according to different factors and where the minimum is 60 €.

The resolutions of the awards, the fixed part, are being resolved, or rather rejected, an amount of € 0 to hundreds of students who meet all the requirements, documentation, asset data, income, and also without any coherent explanation , siéndoles impossible to continue their studies in those conditions. Ue Hayq remember that the convening of this year raised the academic requirement for this type of aid to a 6.5 average, which oscurantistamente the Ministry muted and can be a cause of the cancellation of hundreds of scholarships.

The problem does not stop there, also hundreds of students who requested the MEC scholarship and are in another country to be beneficiaries of the ERASMUS grant them same thing is happening, they are canceled the grant with an amount of € 0 in transport and residence have European support for such grants, ERASMUS.

Those affected by the fees and scholarships denounce the shameful, deplorable and unclear attitude of ministry that not only deny scholarships to students who depend on them to sustain and continue their studies but also the ‘game’ dirty that keeps students uninformed on this subject, making this cut grants on dates where most academic and administrative services do not work or lesser extent than during the academic period, holiday period or weekends and at night, being almost impossible to go the administration to submit comments, for which affected only available within 15 days.

This comes at a time when, according to the Ministry, there were 10,000 university students unless they obtained scholarship last year compared to 2012 due to the new policy of government grants, which does not only removes all kinds of aid to thousands of students – remember that only 16% of university students received grants to study – but also boligará who receive lump sum to wait for the variable amount, which in any case will be resolved less aid than in previous years.

The victims and affected more than 700 and growing, are being organized through social networks (this page), and call the organization to continue and fight for the public university is made or against this brutal cut scholarships in confluence with organizational tools such as the Platform of Affected by rates which collectively trying to solve these cases.