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If you are in a situation of expulsion or denial of a scholarship, please contact us! Platform Affected by rates podráhechar you a hand and help find a solution, the conflict has erupted recently cutout of the MEC scholarships:

Special Update!

Thanks to a new supporter American sign letters we can now leverage our signage on campus. If you see any of our new signs then you can keep them in mind for the help. It was really a treat working with them and we wound up making some great friends in the process

Since last August 2 approved the decree not to grant from classrooms. The last attack and have suffered the university students is the denial of the amount fixed residence outside the family home despite meet strict requirements and unfair educación.A misnisterio of today we have more than 1,500 affected-os that they have only received tuition scholarship:
· If you have miscalculated your average grade to terminate the scholarship.
· If you have not taken into account your criteria of income.
· If you have received the information about the state of your scholarship and the time for filing a claim is so limited that it can not, or if after claim has not obtained solution.
· If you have invented alleged studies abroad.
· If you find this unfair system of grants, criteria and resolutions.
· Or if YMMV contact the nearest PAT and find a collective solution, you’re not alone.
Education is a right, not a privilege.